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Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers visited Disney World, and their to-do list included kissing at Magic Kingdom and eating Epcot snacks

Speaking with Disney blog Chip and Company, Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers also revealed their favorite Disney movies and songs.

COVID cases are rising across Asia again, with Japan reporting an uptick in cases less than 100 days before the Olympics and Korea on the brink of a 4th wave

On April 14, South Korea and Japan each recorded a daily coronavirus case high not seen since January.

25 amazing geological phenomena

While amazing geological phenomena can be found across the globe, some are especially unexpected. Some have been around for millions of years, while others are more recent.

Classic Hollywood stars snapped on vacation

Hankering after a getaway right now? These vintage photographs of stars’ vacations from years gone by are sure to provide some wanderlust. We’ve rounded up the luxurious vacation destinations of the rich and famous over the decades so that you don’t have to – from iconic movie stars to royals, supermodels, singers and more.

Why every major US airline will ignore the CDC's new suggestion to block middle seats

US airlines have indicated they won't follow the recommendations in the 2017 study and will continue to fill planes. But profit isn't the sole factor.

15 UK market towns you’ll want to discover

Ludlow, Shropshire As one of the country’s celebrated foodie hubs, Ludlow will become a battle zone for outdoor table slots now that lockdown has relaxed. In a region famed for its wealth of local produce though, even low-key venues pack a flavour into every dish. Opt for takeaway salad boxes or cook-at-home three-course-meal kits from The Green Cafe, grab a box of nibbles go from Cicchetti Bar Ludlow or fine fare from Harp Lane Deli, where...

Communism's most striking relics still standing today

The Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall may have fallen more than 30 years ago but relics from the communist era still exist in pockets around the world. Here are the most striking remains.

Americans are flocking to Hawaii, but locals don't want tourists visiting now - and some wish they'd stop altogether

Tourism in Hawaii is surging, but Native Hawaiians don't want visitors in a pandemic. Others want Hawaii permanently removed from your bucket list.

Former FDA commissioner says cruises could be a 'lower risk endeavor' compared to other travel

Cruise lines can create a "protective bubble" aboard ships, Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and co-chair of the Healthy Sail Panel, told CNBC

Tell us about your highs and lows of holidays in the UK

With the uncertainties around international travel from the UK this summer, many of us are choosing to holiday closer to home. We would like to hear about your best and worst memories – distant or recent – of holidays in the UK. From brilliant days at the beach to camping catastrophes, tell us your stories. Share your experiences You can get in touch by filling in the form below. Your responses are secure as the form is encrypted and only the...

Your state's most beautiful state park revealed

America's national parks are famous, but their natural beauty is often matched by the country's underrated state parks. From mountain preserves to coastal oases, we reveal the 50 most beautiful state parks in the USA. Note that some parks have reduced amenities due to COVID-19 – always check for updates on individual spots and see state advisories before traveling.

The CDC's suggestion to block middle seats on planes is flawed but I'm still in favor of it after taking 32 flights during the pandemic

Blocked middle seats gave me peace of mind when I returned to the skies during the pandemic. Now, future returning travelers will be deprived of that.

The missile bunker in the Arizona desert untouched for decades

One of America's top-secret bunkers is for sale for the very first time. Decommissioned decades ago, the underground missile bunker offers endless opportunities for the brave buyer.

Cruise lines and Florida are on track for a standoff over COVID-19 vaccine requirements

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' issued an executive order banning the requirement of vaccines, but many cruise lines have already announced vaccine mandates.

Pan Am Stewardesses Were More Empowered Than We Might Think

Julia Cooke’s“Come Fly the World” offers an intimate look at the women who shaped the golden age of travel in the mid-20th century.

10 of the best places to see outdoor art in the UK: chosen by readers

Winning tip: Conversation Piece, South Shields Conversation Piece – 22 bronze statues on Littlehaven beach in South Shields – is by Juan Muñoz and peers out over the sand dunes towards Herd Groyne lighthouse, the point where the River Tyne spills into the North Sea. The statues are known locally as weebles. These lifesize figures laugh, whisper, chatter, point or just stare out to sea. Some huddle in groups; others are alone. Yet, despite their...

Eerie abandoned hotels and airports where nobody would dare check in

We take a look at the most astonishing abandoned spots that are now playgrounds for urban explorers, photographers and ghost hunters alike.

Beautiful stately homes hiding dark secrets

Worthy of several Game of Thrones plotlines and then some, these heritage homes have seen everything from grisly murders and executions to arson attacks, witch trials, terrifying hauntings and even werewolf hunts. Get ready to uncover the chilling past of 17 of the world's most beautiful stately homes as we reveal the skeletons lurking in their cupboards.

5 new adventures in Western Australia

From exploring caves to camping with Aboriginals, there’s more going on in Western Australia than you might think. Here are five new experiences to try

Why I long for the wilds of west Cornwall

On 30 December 2019, I was on my hands and knees crawling through a narrow granite ring on the stark stretch of moorland between the north and south coasts of westernmost Cornwall. My travelling companion, Amy, was waiting for me on the other side, both of us unable to contain our laughter as we chanted, “Rebirth, rebirth!” to the empty winter skies. The granite ring was the Men-an-Tol, a bronze age monument between two upright fingers of grey...

Disneyland tickets are on sale, and people say they're waiting over 8 hours in virtual lines to buy them

The park will reopen at limited capacity and for California residents only on April 30 after being closed for more than a year.

Tragic shipwrecks caught on camera

There are few things more fascinating, tragic and eerie than a shipwreck, whether purposefully sunk for scuba-diving exploits or the devastating result of freak weather conditions. Here we take a look at some of the world’s most spectacular shipwrecks, as well as how you can visit them.

5 things to do in Gibraltar

With a footprint less than 7 sq km, the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar may be small but it packs a punch. Don’t miss these five experiences

The biggest gold nuggets ever found

Read the stories behind the biggest single gold finds of all time.

Metal detectors led to these stunning treasures

From coin hoards to shipwrecked treasures, metal detector finds can hold huge historical significance and be worth millions of dollars.

4 award-winning airplane cabin designs show that the future of flying could look like coffee shops or gaming lounges

The winning designs for Hamburg Aviation's 14th Crystal Cabin Award were recently announced. Four of these concepts show what the future of cabins could be.

‘Fishing is a form of meditation’ – it’s always been my escape

It would start with the cellar door. My dad’s friend Darcy would park outside our house with a wooden door strapped to the roof of his Ford Zephyr. Together they would then unscrew the hinges of our cellar door and add it to Darcy’s. With the two doors lashed down they would set forth on the most exciting adventure ever: pike fishing. I was six years old. We lived in south central Glasgow and this was the most exciting and dangerous fishing trip...

The world's last surviving wildernesses

While much of the planet has been built upon, with a new study suggesting just 3% of the world's land remains ecologically intact, there are areas where the world’s wildness is still preserved in all its diverse glory. There are even places that are so remote and resistant to development, they simply can’t be tamed. From national parks and designated wilderness areas that protect fauna and flora to deserted, inhospitable places where few have trodden, these are the most beautiful wild spots around the world. Remember to check travel restrictions and national park opening times and closures if planning a trip.

Tell us about your favourite independent UK bookshop to win a £200 holiday prize

Whiling away a couple of hours in a bookshop will be near the top of many people’s wishlist now that lockdown restrictions have been eased in England and Wales (though those in Scotland and Northern Ireland will have to wait a little longer for this – until 26 April). To celebrate, we want you to tell us about your favourite independent bookshop, whether it’s one near you that you’ve been keen to return to, or a gem you discovered on your...

Before Covid, giving up flying was taking off. We need to get that momentum back

It’s hard to remember what life was like before the pandemic hit. A year and a half ago, 2019 was drawing to a close with something like a promise. It had been the year of Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and the school climate strikes, and the momentum was with climate activism. And 2020 promised to be the year of change. Helped by Thunberg’s yacht journey across the Atlantic, the spotlight was on aviation’s role in the climate crisis. An...

Canadians are flocking to US border cities to take advantage of a travel loophole - and it's creating lucrative opportunities on both sides of the closed border

Lucrative niche industries including flying helicopters over the border and international car rides are booming in cities like Buffalo, New York.

United Airlines hit with lawsuit from two passengers after a Boeing 777 engine caught fire mid-air

Two claimants against United Airlines reported suffering personal, emotional, and financial damage as a result of an engine-fire incident.

Earth's most breathtaking natural wonders

From a multicolored canyon to a colossal glacier floating on tranquil teal waters, these are the world's most picturesque natural wonders.

You'll need to be vaccinated if you want to take a cruise, but you don't need the COVID-19 vaccine for all travel - yet

Right now, you don't have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel. But how you travel may be more limited in the future if you're not vaccinated.

All to yourself: 10 of the best remote hotels in the UK

Wasdale Head Inn, Lake District If you manage to scale Scafell Pike, you might just be able to make out the giant letters spelling out INN on the side of this building. In the Lake District’s isolated valley, the Wasdale Head has transformed itself over the centuries from a farmhouse to a no-nonsense hotel aimed at walkers and climbers. There’s a bar with hearty meals as well as a posher restaurant. Wasdale may be remote, but it’s also very...

A Pennsylvania museum apologized for collecting the skulls of Black Americans, saying it will return the remains to their communities

The Penn Museum's collection of 1,300 human skulls contains 55 that belonged to people enslaved in the US and Cuba, researchers found.

10 of Britain’s best arts festivals for summer 2021

Last year was one of cancellations, postponements and digital reinventions, but this summer many arts festivals are hoping to go ahead. Most are planning an adaptable, hybrid format, with socially-distanced live shows alongside online content. Tickets are often sold with Covid-proof guarantees of refund or rollover, but check before you buy. Brighton festival and fringe Interactive art in the Pavilion Gardens, dancing in the streets and a...

Bubble trouble: thieves cash in on the hot tub craze

Name: Hot tubs. Age: Ancient, though re-popularised in the US in the late 60s, when the Jacuzzi brothers invented their jet whirlpool bath. Appearance: A large cauldron of bubbling stew made from suburban swingers. Hot tubs aren’t just for swingers. They’re for people with arthritis, and for those who like to swing. Actually they’re for pretty much everybody these days. Ebay sales jumped by more than 1,000% this time last year. Why did that...

Security camera captures moment a man saves his wife from a rabid bobcat by flinging it across his lawn

A viral video shows the man running to his wife's rescue in North Carolina after the screeching bobcat attacked. It later tested positive for rabies.

These American rivers are still running with gold

Locations where you can hunt for the precious metal.

Fireball incoming - meteor streaks across South Florida's night sky, shocking residents

Floridians were shocked by the sight of what appeared to be a huge fireball lighting up the Florida sky Monday night.

60 most beautiful small towns in the world revealed

From historic citadels to snowy ski spots, these stunning small towns are brimming with beauty at every turn, and alive with culture, color and quirky features found nowhere else on Earth. Read on for our pick of the world's marvelous mini-metropolises and most beautiful small towns – and find out which destination is our number one.

Delta, American, United, and other major airlines signal rejection of new CDC guidance saying they should block middle seats

A trade organization pointed to Department of Defense and Harvard studies finding low transmission rates among passengers since the pandemic's start.

A private pilot has offered a free round trip to Austin to a family who were booted off a Southwest Airlines flight, after their toddler couldn't keep his mask on

Following the incident earlier this month, a Good Samaritan has stepped in to help the Harveys reach their intended destination at no extra cost.

Videos show Britons getting beers in the cold as England reopens pubs following a long COVID-19 lockdown

Pubs in England were allowed to reopen Monday for outdoor service after four months of being closed because of coronavirus lockdown measures.

These incredible lost cities have been 'rediscovered'

Founded, flourished and eventually forgotten – this has been the fate of many cities since ancient times. A few names have stayed alive in legend and literature while others disappeared completely – until a chance discovery brought these mysterious metropolises back from the dead. From Sigiriya, the amazing hill-top site in Sri Lanka, to the astonishing Pompeii in Italy, we have a look at some of the most fabulous cities lost and reborn.

10 of the best south Devon pubs with beer gardens

Steam Packet, Totnes The Dart is tidal in Totnes, and drinkers and diners on the Steam Packet’s roomy riverside terrace often spot a grey seal that scoops up salmon coming over the weir at high tide, or just pops its head up and takes a look around. The town sits at the bottom of a steep-sided valley, like many places in the South Hams, but a quirk in the contours of the residential area west of this pub means the early evening sun often strikes...

21 big trips we’re dreaming of

Super size me! Take one of these 21 big trips in 2021 (when we’re allowed) and meet tribes, spot rare creatures and cycle through mountains

Plane forced to land early after a drunk passenger issued a fake bomb threat and tried to strip naked

An AirAsia flight to Delhi was forced to make an early landing after an inebriated passenger began to act inappropriately towards the cabin crew.

9 of the 10 US metro areas with a surge in COVID-19 cases are in Michigan

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is asking people to avoid indoor dining, youth sports, and in-person high school for two weeks. But she's not shutting them down.